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Independent 3/4G Broadband Network

As a new addition to our services, we offer a 3/4G internet connection via a M2M Router, which is completely dedicated to your card processing.

Great Features Of our Broadband

Don't let slow broadband to impact your business as we know slow and un-reliable broadband can make you loose money processing your transactions.

Reliable Broadband

Extremely reliable (Roaming on 02, Three, Vodafone & EE)

Connected toTerminal

Dedicated to your card processing equipment

Hassle Free

No need to switch processing company with our hassle free process

Pre-existing Equipment

Works with your existing card machines and no need to switch them.

Save Money

Remove expensive telephone lines and reduces your expenses

Switch Today

Switch from unreliable and not secure broadband connections

Secure your Business Today

3/4G Connection gives you the speed of broadband, the security and reliability of a telephone line and the flexibility of a SIM, all in one. Live in an area with poor network service? We install both omni & uni directional 3/4G antennas which will increase signal and make your connection faster and reliable. Trials can be offered initially, so you can try before you buy with your existing provider.

Fast & Secure

Peace of mind for your business with 3/4G Broadband Security

Fast Browsing

Fast 3/4G Speeds and reliable all the time even in event of disaster.

3G/4G Broadband

Presenting a new reliable 4G Technology

Save money on your broadband

Remove unnecessary phone lines
Reduce PCI-DSS fees
No lengthy service desk calls
No need for network cabling
Savings can pay for the service

Reliable & Secure Connection

Only need a power supply
Ultra reliable, backed by Roaming all network SIM cards and sometimes a powefull antena
PCI-DSS compliant router and firewall

No Need to Switch

Your existing card machine can connect instantly
We can support your existing card machine portfolio
We can offer our 4 hour response to our (Mount Everest Package) customers

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