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GPS on The Move Terminal

This sleek and powerful device seamlessly combines advanced technology with user-friendly features, creating an unparalleled payment solution.

Roaming all network SIM Card enabled Ideal for taking payments while on the move Take payments without telephone line Remove telephone line rental charges Easy setup with no cables to run

All our terminals support


At Chip and PIN Direct, we prioritize the security of your transactions, and our advanced terminal is designed with robust security features to protect your sensitive data. Here's how our terminal ensures a secure payment environment.

Smart Cards

Smart cards, also known as chip cards or integrated circuit cards (ICCs), are advanced payment cards that incorporate embedded microchips. These chips store and process data, enabling secure and convenient transactions. Here's more information about smart cards


Magstripe, short for magnetic stripe, refers to the black magnetic strip found on the back of many payment cards, such as credit cards and debit cards. The magstripe contains encoded information that can be read by magnetic stripe readers. Here are some key points about magstripe technology.


Contactless payments have gained significant acceptance worldwide. Many merchants, including retail stores, restaurants, and public transportation systems, have upgraded their payment terminals to support contactless transactions.

Colored Displays

The colored displays on our terminals bring transactions to life with vivid colors and sharp graphics. Whether it's showcasing product images, presenting promotional offers, or providing on-screen instructions, the vibrant display captivates the attention of customers and enhances their overall engagement.

Terminal Support

At Chip and PIN Direct, we believe that providing exceptional support is crucial for the success of your business. We are dedicated to ensuring that you have the assistance you need with our terminals.

Quick Bank Payment Turnaround Time

At Chip & Pin Direct you will have your money transferred within the next 2 working days from the time the transaction has been proccessed on your terminal.

Terminal Receipts

Provide receipts for your customers with each transaction made.

Fraud Prevention

Our Terminals are incorporated with fraud prevention security.

Why You Choose Us?

By choosing Chip and PIN Direct, you gain a trusted partner for your payment processing needs.

Easy to Use

Our terminals are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use.

Faster Payments

Experience faster payments with our efficient processing system.

100% Secure

Ensuring the security of your transactions and sensitive information is our top priority.

Choose Card
Processing Package

With our Card Processing Package, you can streamline your payment operations, expand your payment acceptance options, and provide a convenient and secure payment experience for your customers.

Scafell Pike

Debit – 0.3% | Credit – 0.75% Business – 1.9%



plus VAT

Mont Blanc

Debit – 0.3% | Credit – 0.75% Business – 1.9%



plus VAT

Mount Everest

Debit – 0.3% | Credit – 0.75% Business – 1.9%



plus VAT

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